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“I can’t afford lawyer’s fees.  What can I do?”

“I’ve been told to keep records.  How should I do that?”

“I’m a litigant in person.  What do I need to do?  Where can I get help?”

“I need to make a chronology of events for court.  How should I do that?”

“I’ve made a complaint but I’ve been fobbed off.  Now what can I do?”

“I’m being stalked and no-one is taking it seriously.  I need help to be listened to.”

We will help you prepare your evidence, make a chronology and support you in preparing your case for a tiny fraction of what you would pay a lawyer to do the same work.

Confidential support, advice (not legal advice) and guidance in gathering your evidence, from Jill Canvin, a lawyer, and George Hibbert, a doctor. 

Do you realise that making good records is key to making your case and getting a fair hearing? Have you been advised to keep a record?  Gathering your evidence into a chronology is something you should and can do for yourself and by showing you how, we will help you to be in control of your case.  If you do, you will only need to pay for the professional services you really need.  After long careers in the law and in medicine we have seen many people with serious life problems, unable to afford the help they need.  We will show you how to save money and time by doing key tasks yourself. 

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For less than the cost a cup of coffee a day, we will help you create a crystal clear account of the events that are affecting you – this will be your chronology. With our help and guidance you can use your chronology to make your case yourself without further professional input or, if you need to see a professional adviser, it will help them quickly understand your situation and give you specialist help, saving you fees.

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The OnRecord mobile app

for help to gather your evidence

Confidential and trusted help and guidance