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OnRecord is a free mobile app which can save complex information, including photos, videos, audio recordings and documents, in a simple and easy to read form on our secure server. It is suited to gathering evidence in a huge number of circumstances.  Sort and download your records in crystal clear chronological form or permit an advisor or other professional to access them online to understand your circumstances quickly and start getting you the help you need.

Whether you are an individual dealing with ongoing difficulties, a group of people with a shared problem or a professional with a caseload, OnRecord allows you to simplify the task of keeping records of complex issues over time.

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Our online platform – see the video – is where records, uploaded using the mobile app, can be monitored, downloaded and put to use to create selected chronologies, timelines, reports or statements.  Our service is aimed at anyone who needs to gather and sort evidence to monitor progress with an issue, prepare an argument or prove a case and this includes organisations, professionals and regulators as well as private individuals.

Not only is it ideal for individuals and their advisors but the platform will also work flexibly for dispersed organisations and teams who can upload information that can be accessed centrally, in real time, online.  It can support groups sharing a record of a common issue, shared case working as well as mobile access to a full caseload and allows multiple issues you select to be tracked simultaneously.

Download the iOS and Android app


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