Managing your dispersed workforce, especially where the risks are high

A well functioning workforce needs access to good recording tools to enable them to work efficiently and effectively, especially when reporting risky incidents and to be able to rely on the management having the evidence to make well informed overall decisions.

Our OnRecord app makes it easy for staff to record and make important information immediately available to managers.  It’s ideal for example for:

  • Building sites where health and safety is key and risk of accidents is high;
  • Aid charities working in the field;
  • Child protection teams out in the community where urgent decisions have to be made in highly charged circumstances.

In such circumstances and to function well an organisation needs clear, timed records, supported by evidence of, for example, concerns raised about behaviour of staff that might lead to criminal investigations and/or be a risk to the reputation of the organisation, or to disciplinary proceedings or to a grievance complaint.

Two examples:

  1.  A new employee crosses a building site without a hard hat and is stopped and warned that he must wear his hard hat at all times. The next day he suffers a head injury as he’s not wearing his hard hat.

In the investigation that follows the team leader can remember warning the injured employee, but can’t say precisely when, and the employee denies ever having been told anything.

The team leader could have used the OnRecord mobile app to record what he and the employee had said. If the team leader sees the employee again without his hard hat, or there is an accident, he can show that he had warned him. It would not be proof but it would be evidence that backed up the team leader’s account.

On the app the record would be made:-

12/06/2017, 4.25pm

I told John Brown I had seen him without his hard hat on plot 21 Beeches Grove and warned him he must wear it at all times on site. He said he knew but had forgotten. I told him that not wearing a hard hat on site was regarded as gross mis-conduct. It must not happen again.

In addition the team leader could take a photo to prove what he’s recorded.

  1. There are reports from a local HR staff member of an aid charity in a disaster area. There are allegations of sexual activity between 3 members of staff, one of whom is in the leadership team and some local women, some of whom may be underage.

On the OnRecord app the HR member of staff can report what she’s been told by quoting as far as possible the actual words spoken, when and by whom, adding her rating of its seriousness to help inform the organisation’s decision making.

She should try to get each witness to confirm what they’ve told her by producing a written note of evidence signed by them or an audio recording of their evidence making sure their identity is given. Anything which helps to prove what’s going on should be uploaded to the app. These records will be immediately available to the organisation.