Here are some of the things OnRecord can help with:

Domestic Abuse, Harassment and Stalking

For videos and podcasts, see

  • ‘Domestic Abuse:  What is Controlling or Coercive Behaviour’ – the video here or the podcast here,
  • ‘Domestic Abuse:  Make a Plan in Advance’ – the video here or the podcast here,
  • ‘Why Gather Your Own Evidence’ of Domestic Abuse – the video here or the podcast here,
  • ‘What you need to know about stalking and harassment’ – the video here or the podcast here.

OnRecord is particularly suited to these situations because you often have to show a course of conduct. Record as much and as often as you can no matter how insignificant something might seem.

Litigants in person - Family Courts and Court of Protection

For videos and podcasts see:

  • ‘Contact and Lies’ – for the video here and the podcast here,
  • ‘False Allegations in the Family Court’ – for the video here and the podcast here,
  • ‘Court of Protection:  Essential Information and Where to Get Advice’ – for the video here and the podcast here.

Legal aid has been cut drastically and huge numbers face going to the Family Court or the Court of Protection without a lawyer. OnRecord will help you be better prepared.


OnRecord is ideal for recording the kind of events and problems that can make a tenant’s life difficult, ranging from antisocial behaviour and noise nuisance to mould and disrepair.  Your record of problems, the landlord’s responses and how those problems improve (or not) are shown on the timeline and in the calendar to give a clear picture of your situation and helps to get things done.


When you have a problem with people at work, whether you are an employee or an employer, you should start gathering evidence using OnRecord.

Child Arrangements and Divorce

For a video and podcast see:

During a divorce or if you cannot agree arrangements for your children and decisions have to be made by a Court, OnRecord will help you prepare your evidence and make your case.

Hospitals, Care Homes and Home Care

For a video and a podcast see:

  • ‘Bad Patient Care:  Gather Evidence Using OnRecord’ – video, podcast.

If you have a complaint about the care of patients in hospitals, the care of the elderly or learning disabled or the treatment of children in care, OnRecord will help you get some action taken to remedy the situation.


Some arguments, particularly between neighbours, turn into long acrimonious disputes which are hard to resolve and show clearly who the aggressor is and who is the victim.  If you’re involved in a dispute that’s running on and difficult to resolve, OnRecord will help.


Whether it’s bullying of children or adults directly or online, it can have profound effects on health and emotional welfare. Be brave, stand up for yourself or your child and collect the evidence.  Using OnRecord will help you to bring it to an end.

Testing Suspicions

OnRecord can help you if you know that something isn’t quite ‘right’ but you need some evidence to prove it to yourself or convince someone else.  ‘Gaslighting’ even makes you doubt your own sanity.  When strange and unexpected things happen and the explanations you’re given aren’t feasible, then OnRecord can help you prove the truth.

Support for Children and Young People

If you’re not sure who to trust and think you won’t be believed or protected, get your evidence safely recorded until you’re ready to act.  OnRecord will keep your secrets until you decide you want to share them and you feel safe.

Consumer Rights

If you have a complaint and are struggling to resolve it, use OnRecord to gather, secure and organise the evidence to produce a clear timeline and calendar of events with all the information combined in a chronology. It’s better than notes or a diary. OnRecord makes it easy.

Health and Safety

Use your mobile on site to record health and safety critical events and your response.  Upload all the evidence available and in an emergency you can share it immediately with an advisor or senior management in real time.


OnRecord is a better and easier way to record and keep a caseload of records securely, in real time, with a consistent format and immediately available to supervisors and others with permission.  It is so easy to use that it becomes simple to record not only the child’s behaviour but also such things as it’s impact on you and others.

Support for adoptive parents

Most adopted children have traumatic backgrounds and many need extra help, which is hard to get.  OnRecord allows you to show what’s happening and get the help you need.

Adult Social Care

If you need help with everyday tasks and your local authority or Health and Social Care Trust is carrying out a needs assessment, gathering your own evidence using OnRecord will add weight to your claim for funding.

Alzheimers and other long term health care

If you or a relative has a diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease or any other long term illness, you may be eligible for NHS continuing health care.  OnRecord will help you gather your own evidence, under the headings of the Decision Support Tool, to add weight to your claim for the funding you need.

Childrens Social Care

When you need help to care for a child and an assessment of needs is going to be undertaken by social services, OnRecord will help you show what the problems are and how difficult it is.

Taking your complaint to a regulator

If your complaint has not been dealt with properly by going to the organisation involved, you may be able take it to a regulatory body.  OnRecord allows you to keep a record not only of the original problem but also of how your complaint is being handled so that you can prove that it was not dealt with properly.

Taking your complaint to an ombudsman

If your complaint has not been dealt with adequately by the organisation involved, you may be able take it to an ombudsman.  OnRecord allows you to keep a record not only of the original problem but also of how your complaint is being handled so that you can prove that it was not dealt with properly.

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