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Go to our Podcasts and YouTube channel for guidance.  For help email admin@analogue.digital.  We will help with advice about headings/threads (video), how to make records (video) and what information is going to be most useful (video).

By using encryption of data in transit and the security of Amazon’s cloud services, OnRecord enables you to make a secure and confidential link of your mobile records to any advice service, professional or other source of support to help you make your case (video).  Follow the simple steps in the mobile app settings at ‘Need Help’.  Or using the Login screen (with username and password from your mobile account), you can download your records, as a chronology or to paste into a statement yourself.

How to use OnRecord

For a podcast introduction click here.  For a video for getting started click here

With OnRecord you can make a record on your mobile. Record and save evidence as soon as things happen and it’s safe. You can record events in text or voice and add photos, video, documents, screenshots etc. Rate the seriousness of the impact on you.  Your records are tagged for timing and location of uploading.  See the ‘Contact and Lies’ video, at approx 10:00, for information about apps to identify the timing and location of photographs.  Everything you upload is stored together securely to give the fullest picture of what happened and preserve its value as evidence. You can start as many ‘threads’ as you like, each colour coded and labelled so that you can easily add new evidence to the thread you need. For more guidance see What it’s for‘ or the video (click here).

Gathering evidence

Whatever the problem or the solution, you must always keep a clear and detailed record of what’s happening (video). If you don’t, you’re not collecting the evidence you will need to get help and find solutions.  Without good records you are left relying on your memory and it may be easy to ignore, challenge or contradict you, making you look confused or dishonest. It’s difficult, time-consuming and expensive to ask a professional adviser to sort through and convert paper records into a useful document – use OnRecord.

Save your evidence in the secure database

You can search through your records on your mobile using our calendar and timeline.   Everything you have recorded has been securely uploaded and stored in our database.  Nobody can see it without your permission and it cannot be interfered with or deleted.   Only you decide what happens next with it.  When you are ready, you can allow someone you choose to access it so that they can help you.   Your records can be downloaded in chronological order, with links to your attachments, to prepare statements. It might be a lawyer or another advice agency or simply someone you trust to help you (video).

Get the help you need

When you share your records, your advisor will easily see what’s been happening and it’s seriousness (video), making it easier for them to take action, give you good advice or prepare statements or reports more quickly. Keeping good records avoids long interviews trying to remember what’s happened. You won’t be struggling to find the evidence and put it in order and nor will you have to rely on (and pay) someone else to do so.

Keep safe

We have thought hard about how to help people in dangerous situations and have built several extra safety features into the app: PIN or fingerprint login; encrypted upload to the secure database; alternative icons for your mobile screen (Apple only); photos/videos/audio recordings recorded through the app are not stored on your mobile; immediately close the app by pressing the home button; the option of not storing any records on your mobile (video)(video)

Once submitted, your records on the secure database can’t be tampered with. You have complete control over who can access your records on the database.

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