Trade Unions

Help members successfully record workplace problems

Standard advice to members is to raise an issue with their representative and seek early advice as soon as they think they have a problem. This is the ideal time to begin using our OnRecord app to gather evidence of the problem in a systematic way over time. Our application allows for an individual’s records to be kept if the problem relates to one member alone or, if it’s a problem shared by a group within an organisation, records can be collected by the whole group in a single account.

The evidence gathering, performed systematically, provides the union member and the representative with a documented chronology of events accompanied by supporting evidence, a timeline and a rating for seriousness. This helps the representative to review the evidence before or at an appointment, assess the problem, Union reps, if allowed by members, can access their online recordings in real time if necessary to see what’s happening there and then.

A member’s case will be assisted at a hearing by having the OnRecord chronology, which will be a well presented clear account of the evidence in chronological order with any attached photos, documents or other supporting evidence.

Our OnRecord application enhances the service offered to a member by their Trades Union by:

  • Providing a member with a means by which appropriate evidence of a problem can be gathered over time and by prompting the member to keep to a standard way of presenting the information;
  • Cutting down the time it takes to take instructions about the problem before being able to offer advice;
  • Enabling the union rep to provide advice on an ad hoc basis through the facility to access the records in real time;
  • Reducing the time spent on producing statements of evidence;
  • Improving communication between the member and the union rep by enabling the crucial information to be shared through our OnRecord platform for easy review and advice to be given;
  • Providing a clear well presented chronology to use at a hearing which the union rep has not had to compile from an assortment of written records;
  • Improving member satisfaction through the more collegiate approach to problem solving encouraged by the use of the mobile app.