Supporting young people

Trust our app

OnRecord is not aimed at children but may be helpful to young people who are struggling with ongoing difficulties.  OnRecord is confidential and won’t tell anyone else what you’re doing.  It will keep safe all the records you make of what’s happening to you.  Use it if you’re not sure who to trust and if you don’t think you’ll be believed or protected. Get your evidence safely recorded but hidden away until you’re ready.

Who can you tell?

Sometimes it’s difficult to trust. Sometimes people who are supposed to help or protect you abuse you or turn a blind eye when they know you’re being abused. Perhaps you’re not sure if what’s happening to you is wrong because you’re being told it’s normal or you’re being told not to tell anyone.

Maybe the only people you trust are friends who have the same sort of problems as you. You may be able to encourage and support each other but they are unlikely to be able to do much to help you.

Maybe you’ve been in care but it didn’t well and you may even been abused. Maybe you’ve been treated in ways which you’re told shows that you’re loved but actually cause you pain, anxiety and distress. Perhaps you’ve got a boyfriend but you’re being forced to do things that make you unhappy. Maybe you get drunk and take drugs to feel ok about what’s happening.

How do you make sure you are believed and something is done about it?

You are not alone – it’s happening a lot and there are things you can do

Many young people have found it really difficult to get help. They haven’t been believed or people have dismissed them, saying that they’re lying or choosing to live like that. It can make it seem impossible to get away from what’s happening.

But there are people you can trust and if you can you should go to the police and tell them what’s going on. If you can’t do that, OnRecord can be the first step to trying to get yourself out of harms way by gathering the evidence for you to use when you’re ready to take action.

Use OnRecord to record evidence of what’s happening (but only make records when it’s safe to do so). If you’re in danger and frightened of someone seeing what you have been recording, choose the button in Settings that means none of your records will stay on your phone. Don’t name anyone in your records. Without using their name, choose a way of showing who they are. You can also change the icon on your screen so that it isn’t recognised (iPhone only).

Try to remember and record things that you see or notice that might be useful evidence if you do decide to take action. It might be car number plates, makes and colours of cars, place names, roads, houses, names of other people involved. If you can, take screen shots of telephone calls to your mobile or texts and upload them.

Whatever you do though don’t take risks making these records. Only do it when you’re safe. Don’t tell anyone else (apart from the police or someone you trust completely) you’re doing it so that whoever is harming you doesn’t get to hear.