The Legal Sector

Our OnRecord mobile app and desktop analysis and reporting application have been created to help address some of the overwhelming problems arising from the current reduction in access to justice and the enormous increase in litigants in person. It is the idea of a solicitor who ran a legal aid practice for many years and who understands what you do every day, your commitment to legal aid work and it’s importance in a just society.

The vast number of people who are ineligible for legal aid have serious problems and still need legal help.The work previously covered by legal aid is incredibly important and still needs to be done. We realise the number of firms which do legal aid and the number of law centres is declining but many solicitors want to do law which actually helps people in their lives and legal aid work is a vocation.   We know solicitors want to cover these essential areas of law and are still doing their best in very difficult circumstances. The SRA has highlighted the lack of access to justice as a priority risk and is encouraging solicitors to come up with innovative ideas to enable more people to access help. OnRecord helps address this issue.

Subscribing to our service and enabling clients to download the mobile app onto their mobile will enable you to offer an enhanced service:

  • Clients can record information immediately on their mobile;
  • Clients to gather well organised records in a standardised format;
  • Supporting evidence such as photos, screenshots, documents, video and audio recordings can be attached to uploaded text;
  • Records are tagged for place and time;
  • Evidence cannot be altered once uploaded;
  • Records are easily searched and selected for downloading;
  • Uploaded records can easily be converted into crystal clear chronologies;
  • Downloaded pdfs allow records to be cut and pasted into statement and other templates;
  • Records are available to you in real time without the need for phone calls or delay to find an appointment.  You could email advice having looked through the records;
  • Clients have a means of recording new information and keeping you up to date with developments without having to interrupt you.
  • Having the information sorted clearly makes it quicker and easier to grasp the circumstances and the pattern of events over time and to help clients more quickly;
  • Clients can feel that they have a means of updating you at any time without the need for an appointment or a telephone message.

On Record will help you to help more people with serious problems who are struggling to get advice. They will be better prepared for your first interview and have a chronology of what’s been happening for you to advise them and help them make progress.

Enabling clients to do more to gather and assemble their evidence themselves will help those wanting an unbundled service.

To get OnRecord into use and for us to prove its value we are currently offering favourable rates to subscribers. Clients can download the app for free but we need to cover the costs of development and of data storage.


Have a look at this link to show you how the app works and what we’re asking users to do.

If you’re interested we’d love to talk to you about how you’d like to proceed and how we might work together collaboratively to make it a success. OnRecord is continuously updated and improved taking into account feedback and adopting new ideas.

We want to keep pace with what’s required in law. As well as subscribers we need interested solicitors to work with us to improve what we’re doing and to test new versions and also some new app ideas. Maybe you’d be interested in working with us on this basis. We’d love to hear from you if you do