Regulatory bodies

OnRecord can:

Promote regulatory excellence

Increase the public’s confidence in the regulator

Develop and implement key performance indicators and targets of regulatory effectiveness

Support benchmarking against other comparable regulatory bodies

Improve the awareness of malpractice, poor performance, cover ups and other service failures

OnRecord is the ideal mobile app to help regulators address their responsibilities. By establishing the use of this simple to use, mobile app in organisations of concern, or by encouraging all the organisations it regulates to make the app widely available to all those employed by the organisation or the public who use the organisation’s services, the regulatory body can ensure that it has immediate access to all complaints and evidence of service failure. All records uploaded by individuals who are affected by an issue within the organisation is immediately available to the regulator without the risk of being overlooked or covered up. Records, which may be evidence of a serious issue, cannot be deleted or changed once uploaded to our server, ensuring their integrity. Evidence cannot be ‘lost’ or changed in an attempt to cover it up.

Detecting and avoiding cover ups

Managers have a legal and ethical obligation to investigate a complaint and to prevent its reoccurrence.  What happens though when that goes wrong and an issue is not managed adequately at the local level? Sometimes it’s the natural inclination of those in charge to conceal the problem, especially if it will damage the organisation’s reputation, if found out. A decision to frustrate the proper investigation can have very serious consequences when the original complaint – and the subsequent cover up –  become known.

It’s often said in these circumstances that it’s not the fact that something bad happened but more the cover up that destroys an organisation’s reputation. Not only is money wasted by a cover up and further harm caused by failures being repeated but it can also ruin the lives of complainants who’ve been failed quite apart from the reputations of the people involved in the cover up.  Recent examples include Hillsborough which has cost for over £116M in legal costs so far with no costs to those who misrepresented the evidence, the child protection scandals in Rotherham and Rochdale, the Staffordshire NHS hospital scandal and even more recently the scandals of sexual exploitation by the staff of Oxfam and other aid agencies.

Whistleblowers are still poorly protected. Often they face extreme resistance and are marginalized, undermined or even themselves punished. When there has been a cover up, regulators are often criticised for not being sufficiently robust in seeking out wrongdoing and ensuring thorough investigations.  OnRecord will protect whistleblowers and prove the regulator’s role in addressing issues.

An organisation which has made OnRecord available to its staff and to those who use their service, will gather all complaints and evidence, ‘locked’ and available in real time to the regulator with no chance of concealment or tampering. Any attempt to produce a false account of the issues can be proved and evidence is immediately available were there to be any attempt to interfere with and frustrate an investigation.

A regulatory body can invite members of the public to download a version of OnRecord, suitably branded and tailored to its needs, so that they can use it to report concerns about a service. The regulatory body will through our app gain access to service users’ data on a timeline, which is ready to be searched, analysed and reported in whatever ways are necessary to assist in improving understanding and using regulatory powers most effectively.

OnRecord also be used by the organisations being regulated to gain more data and insights which will assist the regulatory body.

Our aim is to support the primary activity of a regulatory body to protect the public. Our app promotes a direct connection and communication with the public to enhance knowledge and support regulatory powers.

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