The platform allows:

  • Search and filter to select only the records you want to see and export;
    • A general search box which will find Record serial numbers and words or numbers in the ‘What happened’ boxes;
    • Date search for date uploaded (as opposed to the date of the event), choose a single date or a date range;
    • Date and time search for the date and time of the event itself;
    • A choice of filters by:
      • Impact score
      • Thread
    • Words or numbers in the ‘What happened’ boxes

Having made the search settings, click on ‘Search’ to see only the selected records.

‘Reset’ removes all filters and search criteria, showing all the records uploaded .

  • The timeline
    • Each selection of records using the search and filter functions will display in the timeline
    • Each thread is colour-coded
    • The height of each column indicates the sum total of all the impact ratings of the records made that day.
    • Numbers on columns indicate the number of records within each thread that have been made that day.
  • A map indicating where each of the selected records were made (dependent on the location function being on at the time the record was uploaded);
  • A pie chart showing the percentage of selected records contributed by each thread;
  • The selected records
    • Records are only partially shown but can be viewed in full, with their attachments, by clicking on the ‘view’ icon
    • Presence of an attachment in shown by the paperclip icon


In order to download selected records in a pdf format:

  1. Select the records required using the options available:
    1. Select individual records by clicking in the left hand box, or
    2. Select all the records that have been chosen, which may extend to several screens, or
    3. Select only that page-full of records visible on this screen
  2. Find and click on the ‘Export’ button
    1. The exported records are in chronological order, starting with the oldest.  Time and date is shown.  The user responsible for each record is identified, along with the thread label and the impact score.
  3. Choose the options
    1. ‘Compressed’ or ‘month by month’ timeline (the download image will be the one you select)
    2. Presence or absence of the map
    3. Presence or absence of the pie chart
  4. Click either ‘PDF’ or ‘ZIP FILE’ – the pdf option provides a single pdf file with the attachments available to click on.  The zip file option will provide a pdf but add each of the attachments as a separate file.
  5. The records in the downloaded pdf can be cut and pasted into Word documents for editing as required.
  6. Repeat to create as many chronologies and downloads, arising from different record selections, as you need.