Housing Associations and Landlords

Social housing landlords will find OnRecord ideally suited to supporting their efforts to tackle anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance and persistent maintenance issues.   The OnRecord mobile app can be used by residents, either individually or as a group if there is a shared concern, and by staff to monitor and manage a wide range of issues affecting the welfare of tenants.  Information uploaded as text, which can be linked to supporting evidence such as photos, videos, audio recordings and documents, are available online, to permitted individuals, in real time.  Records are presented in a simple and easy to read form on our secure server. These records can be searched sorted and downloaded into crystal clear chronological form.  Records are securely controlled but can be made available to be passed on to approved advisors or professionals in relevant circumstances.  Pooled data gives a clear picture of trouble hotspots and developing or chronic issues.

The app can be used in many circumstances and in social housing is ideally suited to problems such as:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • domestic abuse
  • stalking
  • harassment
  • workplace problems
  • bullying
  • elder abuse
  • neighbour disputes

Talk to us at OnRecord to see how we can help you devise a project or programme to add social value. Maybe you already have a team dedicated to providing a service, but which can be improved by adopting our app. We’d love to hear from you especially if you’re interested in developing an advice/support service in your community which would use the app as part of the service.