Dr George Hibbert and Jill Canvin - Backgrounds

Jill Canvin and George Hibbert are Directors of analogue.DIGITAL and designed the OnRecord mobile app and web application.

Dr George Hibbert

I am a doctor and a psychiatrist.  I trained and worked for many years in Oxford, UK, and helped many patients recover from severe life difficulties.  I’m now retired from clinical practice but I’m still wanting to make a difference where it matters.

I trained in medicine and psychology at Worcester College, Oxford University, and then at University College Hospital in London.  I trained in psychiatry in Oxford and for many years was a lecturer in the University and the clinical director of the Oxfordshire substance misuse service.  My work was with patients with addiction problems, many of whom had experienced childhood abuse and neglect.  Working with adults with a background of abuse and helping families to cope with addiction problems so that they could parent their own children well enough, led to me teaming up with solicitor, Jill Canvin, to open a residential centre to assess the capability and safety of parents who were considered a severe risk by social services and the family court.

After 10 years of intensive work with parents, children and families to help them overcome their difficulties and to protect the children, we closed the service because of changes to the funding of such work.  Since then I have been involved full time, with Jill Canvin, in developing software relevant to child protection work and, with OnRecord, to helping people address and solve their difficulties.

I am retired from clinical practice and therefore not registered as a doctor so although I am happy to give advice, it cannot be ‘medical advice’.

Ms Jill Canvin

I was a solicitor and an advocate, working as an independent practitioner in Wiltshire for over 30 years.  I worked in the criminal courts for many years, giving me a deep understanding of the experience of victims of crime and of the public’s experience of the police.  I then worked for years in the family courts, dealing with divorce, care applications, contact disputes and all aspects of child protection and family conflict and breakdown, becoming very familiar with the work of social services.

I believe it true to say that I always advocated vigorously for my clients and was recognised to be very effective in getting a good result wherever possible.

I am no longer registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and therefore any advice I give cannot be ‘legal advice’.