The OnRecord platform creates crystal clear chronologies suited to a huge range of circumstances:

For Charities

OnRecord works closely with charities and the independent sector in their work to help people to overcome a wide range of difficulties.  Charities that encourage clients to create their own records, free staff time.  With the client’s permission, and under the client’s control, records can be shared with other agencies and professionals.  Workers can monitor a caseload through the mobile app.

For Housing Associations and Landlords

Landlords who are concerned to support residents who may be suffering antisocial behaviour, noise nuisance or other forms of harassment will find the OnRecord mobile app provides an excellent solution.  Records can be input by an individual or by a group who share a common problem.  With shared accounts, inputs by individuals can be identified.  Uploaded records, bringing together text and attachments tagged for place and time, and any commentary by the landlord in response, is available both on the resident’s mobile device and online to support services.  Records can be made available to other agencies, such as the police, when additional input is needed.

For Human Resources

Monitor a caseload to gather information and evidence from a group of people with a shared problem into a single confidential timeline and calendar.  The mobile app allows users to upload screenshots, documents, photos or videos along with a commentary.  Filter complex records to see the input of any one or group of individuals. Create chronological reports with attachments.

Workplace management

Our OnRecord app makes it easy for a workforce to record and make important information immediately available to managers.  It’s ideal for example for:

  • Aid charities working in the field;
  • Child protection teams out in the community where urgent decisions have to be made in highly charged circumstances;
  • Any dispersed team reporting to a central point.

For Regulatory Bodies

OnRecord provides a perfect means of giving the public a way to record and report their experience to the regulator, gathering evidence in real time to allow appropriate and timely intervention.  Evidence can be gathered from individuals or an account can be created so that a group can input their different experiences of the same issue into a shared record.

For Trade Unions

Trades Union members faced with bullying, discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment or other ongoing workplace difficulties can use OnRecord to provide their representative with a record and a real time account of their experience and any interventions made.  The record provides the member and their representative with a chronology accompanied by supporting evidence, a timeline and ratings of seriousness.


One of the most common challenges to safeguarding is poor record keeping and sharing of information, leading to poor risk management and decision making. OnRecord is ideally suited to support the hugely important task of record keeping in safeguarding.

For Local Authorities

OnRecord lends itself perfectly to the many complex responsibilities of Local Authorities, from child protection to adult social care, especially where workers are scattered across geographical areas.  Mobile uploading of records, tagged for time and place and recorded on timeline and calendar, can be stored, reviewed and downloaded as a pdf as necessary.  Teams can share caseloads and their records flexibly.  Where required, clients can add their own commentary to the case record.

For Foster Agencies

OnRecord is an ideal way for foster carers to keep and securely share their daily records.  Notes can be typed or dictated on the mobile device and uploaded along with any photos, videos, audio recordings or other documents.   Supervisors and social workers can have immediate access to records and can contribute their own observations.  Parents and children can also add to the record if appropriate.  A child’s OnRecord account is a perfect way not only to monitor their care and progress but also to save any material for their life story book.

For Schools

OnRecord is a perfect solution for schools wishing to provide a simple, flexible means for children, families and staff to document and keep track of difficulties such as bullying, harassment or behavioural issues.

For Solicitors and Counsel


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