How to use the platform

The platform is where you can view and search the records that have been uploaded from the mobile app.  You can download them for use in chronologies, statements or reports.  Login on the Login tab. using the username and password you used for the mobile app.

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Getting started with the mobile app

Using the mobile app is simple and quick.  Learn how to set up ‘threads’, successfully create and upload records, use the security features and use the timeline and calendar to review all your records:

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Why gather evidence

Oral communication – what you say – leaves no record.  If something was important it can all too easily be lost. That’s why you need to keep records of what was said. The challenge is to know what you need to record.

How to gather evidence

Don’t waste your efforts – learn how to save all the key information to make a full record and help you prove your case:

How to write a witness statement

If you are a party (a claimant, applicant, defendant or respondent) to civil or family proceedings (i.e. not criminal proceedings) you will need to make a statement and get it filed with the court papers (known as ‘filing a statement’). Evidence at a trial is given orally ( i.e. by giving evidence in the witness box) by witnesses who have filed a written statement. So unless you have filed a statement you would not usually be allowed to give evidence.  Learn more about writing a witness statement:

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